RPM Steering is a family-owned and operated small company whose primary focus is on steering and suspension products for the off-road vehicle industry.  We are known as the “aluminum” company due to the fact that we base our designs off of USA sourced 7075 T6 solid cold finish aluminum links.


Why aluminum?  As builders, we always said our goal is to build a vehicle that you can take on the most difficult trail on the weekend and Monday morning put a suit on and drive to work. After years of watching the off-road community bend steel steering products, we decided that there had to be a better solution. The solution, aluminum products with spring back. 7075 T6 is aircraft quality aluminum that has a spring back to it. While nothing in our industry is unbreakable, we are so confident in our aluminum we offer a lifetime bend or break warranty on all our center sections.


Designs: We offer more steering solutions than any steering company in our industry. We are constantly driven to find solutions for different axles and applications. In 2021 we are developing Jeep suspensions based on our aluminum products with the same goal in mind...find solutions that simply work better.


Customer service: Our owner has been in the automotive service industry for almost 25 years. For the last 8 years in the off-road industry as a builder and manufacturer. We thrive on helping the off-road community, regardless of whether you buy parts from us or not. We simply want the off-road community to experience the best ride capability that can be had based on their vehicle's build level.

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