Common Jl Wrangler Parts To replace

RPM Steering is a family-owned company whose primary focus is on steering and suspension products of off-road vehicles. We are known as the aluminum company. The reason is we use solid finish aluminum links for our designs.

Normally all the off-road vehicles are built from steel-based products but there is a catch as steel is heavy it impairs the drive during tough terrain hence we decided one needs to have a better solution.

We have a variety of steering solutions and all of them are based on aluminum, we are also developing aluminum-based suspensions.

The Jeep Wrangler’s Jl Wrangler:

The Jeep Wrangler is amongst the most reliable and chosen Off-Road vehicles since its inception in 1986. The latest version by the company is the JL wrangler.

These cars are used for off-road trails, hence they are quite sturdy and monstrous. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to care about the car and its maintenance.

Spare JL wrangler parts are a must-have for mechanics and owners who like to work on their vehicles on their own. Every part of the vehicle works in correlation to each, if any of the parts shows any defect then the performance of the vehicle is severely hampered.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you are in a deserted place and the vehicle needs a repair!

Maintaining the car and repairing it from time to time enhances its performance capacity while boosting longevity.

Which are the most common parts in the JL wrangler requiring replacements?

  1. Bumpers:

Though the vehicles have Bumpers inbuilt, these bumpers aren't made for a collision which is part of off road driving.

Hence installing a heavy-duty bumper rather than the company-made plastic bumpers is a better option.

So the rear and front bumpers are the first steps towards replacement or modifications.

There are various designs that can be used in a bumper like:

  • Stubby: A short bumper about grille width in length.

  • Tubular: An elementary two-tube design that runs across the front, with some of them involving a hoop around the center for added protection.

  • Modular: a stubby-type bumper that has various optional components which help you customize its looks as per your needs.

  1. Entry Guards:

Have you ever noticed why the lower area of the door plate has scratches and the paint wears off? The reason being it is not at all protected, in fact, the entire door frame doesn’t have much protection.

So what should be used for its protection? The answer is simple: Entry Guards. The entry guards utilize thermoplastic, aluminum, or stainless steel material to protect the frame.

Doesn’t matter whether you drive the jeep off-road or daily, Jeep entry guards are most affordable, but vital modification/ change is needed.

  1. Lift-Assist spare tire carrier:

When you lift the jeep and change the tires with large tires the spare tires need to be kept somewhere right? The combination of spare and the wheel is going to be really heavy hence it’s imperative to be able to load and unload it.

  1. Soft Tops:

Replacing the top of the jeep with a soft one is actually an important thing because the owner doesn’t get stuck with a closed jeep. He can open or close the top as and when required.

Soft tops are an integral part of the jeep, one can say they are implanted in its DNA, but the hardtop came into the picture and provided more security, durability, but at the expense of the jeep’s open-air concept.

  1. Suspension system:

The cliché Wrangler suspension system is a four-link suspension. The suspension uses two upper and lower link arms that allow it to connect the solid axle (front and rear) of the frame.

It is also called Quadratic suspension. If you are a hefty off-road driver you may need to think of replacing the suspension system which is better than this.

  1. Seat covers:

The jeep is not like a normal car that has a roof 24/7. The rooftop sometimes is on and sometimes not, this damages the interior of the car, especially the seats.

The seats are exposed to sun, wind, and sometimes even rain which can surely deteriorate their quality. Hence the option for seat protecting gears for the seat or entirely replacing the seat with Nylon. Polyester, neoprene will enhance the lifespan of your seats.

  1. LED headlights:

The normal factory outlet headlights aren’t that strong. The Light Emitting Diodes are currently the hottest replacement for the factory headlights because they are extremely powerful.

Both Low and high beam is almost double than the factory headlight and the most imperative characteristic is that their amp is almost half even though they are more powerful than the in-built headlights.

More power and less amp draw make it the best choice to replace the inbuilt ones. Due to technological improvements, they are more affordable, and hence they have moved ahead of options like xenon or HID.

  1. Hood Latches:

When you drive the JL wrangler there is a significant amount of hood movement when the car speeds up. What if the Hood can’t withstand the speed and plucks out from the attachments?

The reason is the factory latches are soft and are rubber-based which doesn’t keep the hood in place when the car is running at a high speed.

Hence switching from the factory latches to strong and sturdy latches is another imperative replacement component of the JL wrangler.


  1. Suspension Component

  • Lift Components:

    • Front Adjustable Track Bar: Price -299.99$

    • Rear Adjustable Trackbar: Price – 279.99$

  1. Ball Joints:

  • JL/JT Ball Joint Kit: Price – 319$

  • Ford HD kingpin D60 Left: Price – 394.80$

  • Ford HD kingpin D60 Right: Price – 394.80$

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